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Modelo: OEM - XELEWP-DC50B24130

Bomba Solar Agua/aceite 24v Dc Control Velocidad 26l/m Temp 100c 14mts


This is a variable speed (flow adjustable) high pressure & high temperature DC12~24V submersible water pump.This pump can handle up to 100'C continuously when used inline (not submersed). It can be submersed as long as liquid temperature is under 55'C. This pump is driven by a brushless motor so that it's more quiet and lasts longer than a brush water pump. Also, it will not generate an 'electric spark' (noise) like a brushed type motor does, so it's safer to use near a flammable gas that may exist. Ideal for solar heater, automobile, sprinkler system, irrigation, mobile home. It can be used to pump oil and gasoline as well.* Main applications: Solar heating system, Outdoor water fountain, and other water circulation system. Features: High temperature handling up to 100'C/ 212'F (non-submersed) High volume output Power DC12V to 24V Heavy duty and 100% water sealed & submersible Flow controller controlled by analog or TTL Low noise, only generate 40db Pumps water, oil, and gasoline Specification Power: DC12V~24V Current: 3.6A@24V, 1.6A@12V Output: 26L/m (420 GPH) @24V, 15.5L/M or 245GPH @ 12V Pressure: 13m (39ft) vertical (about 19psi) Motor: DC 3 phase coil Power: 86Watt @24V, 20Watt @ 12V Intake: 22.5mm Outlet: 22.5mm Life span: > 20,000hrs @ 1600rpm~10,00rpm Noise: << 39dB Working Temp: << 55'C/ 130'F Size(L*W*D): See "More images for the exact dimension" Weight (net): 16.0oz Wire connection: Brown + power, Blue - power Speed control: Red wire: + 5V Black wire: Ground, Yellow wire: speed control. Use a 10K ohm 1/2W variable resistor (yellow to the center tap) for speed control. Warning: Do not let it run dry without water flowing. To those who want to use it with a solar power battery, please make sure to install a 24V regulator as the output from a solar panel higher than 24V (as high as 36V) . Warranty will not cover the damage! How to use: -Submerse or Inline -With Solar panel


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Bomba Solar Agua/aceite 24v Dc Control Velocidad 26l/m Temp 100c 14mts

  • Código de Producto: XELEWP-DC50B24130
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